Sports Star of the Year

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Individual Nomination

  • Senior Sports Star of the Year
  • Junior Sports Star of the Year

Category Nomination

  • Volunteer of the Year

Eligibility Criteria for; 

Senior and Junior Sports Stars

  1. The awards cover the areas of, Warwick, Allora, Glengallan, Rosenthal, Inglewood, Killarney and Clifton.
  2. Senior awards are for athletes 18 years and over at the start of the nominated month.
  3. For the junior awards, students at boarding school in Warwick are included as are students from our area who go to boarding school outside of Warwick.
  4. Nominations for monthly awards close with the Condamine Sports Club on the 8th of the month for the previous month.
  5. Once students finish year 12, go on to tertiary study or start an apprenticeship, they will only be considered for an award if their principal place of residence is in the awards area.
  6. The awards state junior/senior sports star of the month/year so performances in all sports are considered by the judges.
  7. Athletes are able to win awards in multiple years, there are no limits.
  8. Once an athlete wins a junior monthly award, they will not be considered for a senior award in the same year even if they turned 18 during the year.
  9. The awards will be judged by a panel of at least three from a variety of sports and will be nominated annually by the Condamine Sports Club.
  10. The names of the judges will not be publicised, they will be a secret panel.
  11. Coaches are included for sports star awards but not officials like managers.
  12. If insufficient nominations are received, the judges can select a winner from the 24/25 editions of the Daily Journal for the month. The judges have the right not to award a winner/s if the standard of nominations is not acceptable.
  13. These criteria are set down as a guide only. The final decision will be at the discretion of the judge


Eligibility Criteria for;

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award will also be judged by the sports star judges and based 50% on volunteer work in the previous year and 50% volunteer work down the years.

Volunteer work in a number of sports will all be considered. If anyone has a mix of paid and unpaid volunteer work, only the upaid work will be considered in judging the volunteer of the year.

The Gerald Walsh Trophy for volunteer of the year remains at The Condamine Sports Club of Warwick Inc. with a new winner added each year.