Welcome to Sporting Chance Rewards

Sporting Chance Rewards is a new program designed to reward all of our members for their loyalty. Simply use your membership card when you dine or play in the club and you can start earning points today. As you start to accrue points, you can access benefits like discount food and beverage, special gifts, exclusive event tickets, cash prizes and more!

How do I earn Sporting Chance Rewards Points?

All Condamine Sports Club members are eligible to earn Sporting Chance Rewards Rewards points by using their membership card when purchasing or playing throughout the club.

Start earning points when you:

  • Insert your CSC membership card into the gaming machine card reader and see your name appear on the reader.
  • Present your CSC membership card every time you purchase a meal.
  • Swipe at the kiosk upon entry. Earn additional bonus points during promotional periods.

As soon as you swipe, your points will automatically be allocated to your card and you can start claiming your rewards.

How many points will I earn?

  • Entry – 1 point
  • $6 gaming turnover – 1 point
  • $1 spend on lunch – 1 point
  • Main meal – 20 points
  • 100 points = $1

How do I use my points?

Sporting Chance Rewards points may be redeemed for cash, vouchers, merchandise or to purchase drinks or food at any of our bars or bistro. When you’re ready to redeem your points, simply present your membership card at Sporties Bistro, Legends Bar, or swipe at a kiosk to receive a voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed at the gaming cashier’s booth or the reception desk for cash*.

* Minimum of $3 can be redeemed for cash (300 points).

Do my Sporting Chance Rewards Points expire?

Platinum and Gold points do not expire*. Points earned by Silver and Bronze Members will expire annually, but we’ll inform you one month prior to expiration to avoid losing your rewards points.

* Breach of club Terms and Conditions can result in expiration of points. See Terms and Conditions for further details.

What are the Sporting chance Rewards status levels?

There are four status levels, each with their own benefits and rewards. As you earn more points you can achieve a higher status level.

  • Bronze Entry level membership
  • Silver 4,375 or more Sporting Chance Rewards points
  • Gold 8,750 or more Sporting Chance Rewards points
  • Platinum 17,500 Sporting Chance Rewards points

Your Sporting Chance Rewards status is calculated by accumulating Sporting Chance Rewards points over a six month period. These periods are 1 July to 31 December and 1 January to 30 June, however your status will be upgraded monthly if applicable. Current members have been ranked according to points accrued during the previous period.

How do I check my points balance?

Simply insert your membership card into the gaming machine card reader or swipe your card at one of the kiosks. You can also enquire at the reception desk or gaming cashier.

Not a member?

Sign up  as a member of Condamine Sports Club for just $2 to start earning points.
It’s easy – just drop by reception, and submit your application

Use your card upon entry, in our restaurant and gaming machines to earn points and be rewarded.

Need to know more?

For more information, our friendly staff are available at reception and the gaming lounge to help you learn more about the benefits of Sporting Chance Rewards.

Alternatively call (07) 4661 1911 or email sportingchance@condaminesportsclub.com.au